Frequently asked questions

How do I find a good therapist?

A good therapist is someone who meets your needs. Shop around and look for someone who specializes in the issues you're coming into therapy to work on. Check out this article by Psychology Today for more tips.

What does having an LCSW mean?

Both Khalida (PA) and Sonalee (NJ & PA) are Licensed Clinical Social Workers. This means they attended a 2+ year master in social work program specializing in clinical social work, passed 2 state board exams, and worked under supervision for 3,000+ hours in order to work with clients.

Can an LCSW prescribe medicine?

No. There are several medical professionals that prescribe and administer medication, and social workers are not one of them. Both Khalida and Sonalee can consult with your medical professionals to coordinate your mental healthcare.

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