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Psychotherapy Services

(individual or couples/family, by appointment only)

Our approach to psychotherapy is trauma informed, client-centered, and has a social justice lens. As social justice advocates ourselves, we are deeply cognizant of the societal, political, and other institutional forces that cause psychological oppression and a grave strain on mental health for many members of our community.  

Our approach allows for our clients to explore these socio-political issues as well as any other interpersonal issues they may be facing in everyday life. The goal is to have a holistic approach to a client’s needs so as to be able to devise satisfactory solutions.

Radical Therapy Center provides customized services to individuals, couples, polycules, families, organizations and groups who are interested in creating change. There are no off-the-shelf, cookie cutter programs. We bring appropriate expertise and work with you to address your concerns. Our goal is to enable individuals to reach higher levels of resilience, productivity, and satisfaction.

Radical Therapy Center provides expertise in a wide array of issues including but not limited to the following:

  • Depression and Grief

  • Anxiety and Panic

  • Relationship Counseling

  • Communication Skills

  • Life Transition and Aging

  • Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender Issues

  • Racial Identity & Microaggressions

  • Trauma Resolution

  • Self—esteem and Body Image

  • Navigating workspaces as a Person of Color

  • Disability Justice

  • Decolonial Sexualities

  • Weight Inclusive Wellness

  • South Asian Sexuality

Trainings & Workshops

Nourish Series (group, once a week by appointment or walk-in):

  • Food as a Viable Coping Tool

  • Our stories through food

  • Diet Culture and Body Image

  • Stinky Lunch club

FireSide Chat Series

(group, once a week by appointment or walk-in):

  • Living with anxiety

  • Microaggressions in the workplace

  • Sexual Trauma Recovery

  • Unpacking Fatphobia and Diet Culture


Fee Structure

Radical Therapy Center does not currently accept insurance. However RTC offers superbills you can submit for insurance reimbursement.
Individual session: $150/50 minute session
Couples sessions: $200/90 minute session (sliding scale not applicable, depending on clinician)
Groups: price set depending on group
Workshops: price set depending on workshop
Pay what you can group supervision for rad social workers: $50 suggested/session (for marginalized clinicians only, 6 spots)

Sliding scale available upon request $100-149/session (depending on clinician)
If you need a steeper sliding scale, please visit Open Path Collective.
We ask those of financial means to pay the full fee, or more. This allows RTC to offer free therapy spots.
RTC is working on creating a therapy fund and free therapy spots for local bipoc activists, prices may be subject to change