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Our Team

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Khalida Sethi (She/her), LCSW

Born to immigrant parents and growing up multilingual in Farsi/Dari, and English has allowed Khalida Sethi, LCSW to develop a unique approach to psychotherapy. Her personal and academic experiences have helped her to appreciate the unique coping tools people bring to the table. Often, these coping tools are learned through cultural practices or personal beliefs deeply integral to the clients’ identity. Khalida believes that it is important to foster this intuitive well of healing, strength, and resilience and to also empower clients with new tools, so that they can better cope with issues such as stress, depression and anxiety.

A licensed clinical social worker, trained at Widener University, her approach to psychotherapy is trauma informed, client-centered, with a social justice lens. As a social justice advocate, Khalida is deeply cognizant of how societal, political, and other institutional forces can influence mental health. Her approach allows clients to explore these socio-political issues as well as any other issues they may be facing in everyday life. The goal is to have a holistic approach to healing so that clients can reduce symptoms, meet goals, strengthen supports and overcome everyday stress as well as past trauma.

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Sonalee Rashatwar (she/they) LCSW, MEd

Is an award-winning social worker, sex therapist, adjunct lecturer, and grassroots organizer. Based in Philly (licensed in NJ and PA), she is a fat queer non-binary therapist, specialized in treating sexual trauma, body image issues, racial or immigrant identity issues, and South Asian family systems, while offering fat and body positive sexual healthcare.

Popularly known as TheFatSexTherapist on Instagram, their notoriety spiked when they were featured on Breitbart in March 2018 for naming thinness as a white supremacist beauty ideal. Sonalee is a sought-after speaker who travels internationally to curate custom visual workshops that whisper to our change-making spirit and nourish our vision for a more just future.

Sonalee is not paid for her labor as a community organizer, where she has fundraised and facilitated a free five-day political action summer camp for LGBT+ South Asian and Indo Caribbean youth. Sonalee received their Master of Social Work and Master of Education in Human Sexuality from Widener University in 2016 and have been working in the field of anti-violence for 8+ years.

Marvin Toliver (he/him) LSW


Marvin's experience working within low-income communities of color has given him a valuable perspective of how trauma affects both individuals and communities. As a man of color, he has also seen and experienced firsthand how systematic racism and white supremacy are ubiquitous in the U.S. Marvin's clinical knowledge, experience as a social worker advocating for individuals within various systems, and personal experiences make him a well-rounded and effective clinician. He also has a personal connection to those living with HIV/AIDS and the LGBTQ Community. Marvin graduated from Boston College with an MSW and currently holds an LSW in the state of Pennsylvania.

Marvin believes that we all navigate the world in different ways, and sometimes it is difficult to manage being our authentic selves while dealing with the stress of everyday demands. He also believes that past trauma has a way of sticking with us, and it must be addressed for us to truly be free. He believes the relationship between therapist and client must be strong for clients to be their true selves and work through any issues.

Marvin is also a co-founder of MelanatedSocialWork, where he and three other male social workers of color challenge, encourage, support, promote, and spread love to individuals from all walks of life.