Radical Therapy Center

we are a soothing, therapeutic space located in West Philadelphia where our marginalized clients can seek the safety needed to receive high quality therapy

Radical love. Radical softness. Radical acceptance.

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Our objectives

Radical Therapy Center provides trauma informed, client-centered services and products that have an intentional anti-oppression lens. RTC transforms the typical therapeutic space that only functionally meets our clients’ basic needs into an empowering environment that cultivates community. RTC supports our clients and community to reach new levels of resilience, healing, and pleasure through carefully curated trainings and workshops.

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Radical Therapy Center has been a dream in the making since 2016. Co-founders Khalida and Sonalee dreamt of creating a soothing, therapeutic space where their marginalized clientele could find highly-skilled community members of color to guide them through their healing. They both attend regular trainings on cutting edge topics like anarchist therapy and anti-oppressive facilitation to be sure they are using the most radical approaches to address the ways their clients are surviving systems of domination like white supremacy, colonialism, and racialized capitalism. RTC is not yet wheelchair accessible. There are four steps to enter the building. We are fundraising to install a chair lift.


About Us

Sonalee and Khalida have been friends and colleagues since 2013, having met while graduate and doctoral social work students. They still enjoy talking about the future of radical social work over a hot bowl of thai curry and glazed donuts. Sonalee describes Khalida as the perfect blend of an analytical and fiercely kind therapist, who can help you work through the stickiest stuck points with political depth and compassionate care.

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Why Radical?

The fight of people who came before us have always been labeled radical. Anyone who prioritizes upending oppression from the roots. We priorize understanding our own experiences from the lens of structural oppression, and we understand that our liberation is not achieved until liberation is achieved for all.

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  • Radical Therapy Center believes deeply in the benefits of politicized therapeutic spaces.

  • We believe therapists do not heal people. Instead we help our clients tap into the skills they already have to heal themselves.

  • We believe in the abolition of all binaries, prisons, and supremacisms.

  • We believe in focusing on the healing of those at the cultural bottom. Those at the top don't need our help.

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